Thank you for your application

Hi, this is Phil Hurd, the owner of Oculus Search Partners. Well, this automated response isn't *really* me :-). But if you're reading this, it's confirmation that I've received your application to my posting for . Please know that although I get a lot of applications, each one that comes in is promptly read and evaluated against the job requirements.

What happens next? Your resume has already been automatically shared with the specific recruiter leading the search effort for that particular job. Because Oculus Search Partners is a member of both the Top Echelon Network and NPAWorldwide recruiting networks, there's a good chance that I'm collaborating with a colleague from another recruiting company on this search assignment. If that colleague considers your background a good fit, they may reach out to you directly. Usually they'll explain clearly that they got your resume from Oculus, or Phil Hurd, but everyone is a bit different in their approach. Please be on the lookout for those contacts if they happen ... they're not spam!

I may also reach out to you myself if I need further information to determine the best fit.

Two additional things you can do to maximize your chances of finding the best job fit:
1) Go through the job posting you applied to, line by line, and reply to this email explaining specifically how your experience lines up with each of the job requirements.
2) Check out the many other job listings on ... there may be similar positions that you'd also like to apply to.

Thank you very much, Phil