Tool Grinder B

Job description:

Job Title: Tool Grinder B

Pay: $24.02

Job Type: Full-Time

Work Location: Franklin Park, IL

Career Level: Union


The Tool Grinder B performs the duties of setting up and operating one or more grinders to perform a normal range of tool grinding operations.


  • Work from blueprints, specifications, piece parts, and instructions. Braze materials and tools in preparation for grinding operations.
  • Set up equipment to perform surface, drill pointing, broach, hob, and other similar grinding operations on steel and carbide cutters, reamers, dies, gauges, form tools, or special items.
  • Plan sequence of operations, select the method of holding a workpiece and verify dimensions, tolerance, tooling, and grinding requirements.
  • Select and dress wheels. Mount grinding wheels, set grind, rotation, and spindle speeds, feed rates, angle of the wheel, length of cycle or stroke, and depth of cut
  • Position blades, cams, diamonds, and stops. Measure the workpiece to determine the amount of material to be removed.
  • position on the table, face plate, or magnetic chuck in the fixture or chuck jaws or between centers of wheels. Start the machine, engage the automatic mechanism, direct the flow of coolant, observe operations
  • perform secondary operations to obtain high finish requirements. Obtain first-piece inspection approval. Make adjustments to ensure proper operations. Check work for conformance to specifications.
  • Place the workpiece in a designated location. Maintain equipment, clean, oil, change worn wheels, and ensure that safety devices are operative.
  • Provide assistance to other personnel as requested. Notify the supervisor of unusual equipment or operating problems.
  • Use a micrometer, caliper, comparator, height gauge, band saw, and various machine tools and measuring “instruments, and hand and hand power tools.
  • Follow safety rules and keep the work area in clean and orderly condition. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as required.



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 3+ Years of Manual Machining
  • Experience with manual milling, including facing, boring, drilling, and tapping
  • Experience with manual lathes, including turning, boring, and single-point threading
  • Experience using measurement tools such as caliper, micrometer, height gage, and optical comparator
  • Skilled at blueprint reading, basic trigonometry, and other basic math skills



Physical Demands

  • Occasionally 1-33%: Sit
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Twist/Turn
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Stoop/Bend
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Push/Pull
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Repetitive hand/wrist
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Fine Manipulation
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Gross Grasping
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Simple Grasping
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Forearm Rotation
  • Frequently 34% – 66%: Walk
  • Continuously 67% – 100%: Stand Lifting/Carrying
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Lift / Carry 1-10 lbs.
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Lift / Carry 11-25 lbs.


Visual Demands

  • Continuously 67% – 100%: Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)
  • Continuously 67% – 100%: Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)


Work Environment & Hazards

  • Occasionally 1-33%: Cold
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Heat
  • Occasionally 1-33%: Machine movement or vibration
  • Continuously 67% – 100%: Loud noise, constant or periodic

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

The company is a 100+-year-old union and the roles comes with comprehensive benefits package.

Salary Type : Annual Salary

Salary Min : 49900

Salary Max : 49961

Currency Type : US Dollars