Tool Grinder B

Job description:

Job Title: Tool Grinder B

Pay: $24.02

Job Type: Full-Time

Work Location: Franklin Park, IL

Career Level: Union


? Work from blueprints, specifications, piece parts and instructions. Braze materials and tools in preparation for grinding operations.

? Set up equipment to perform surface, drill pointing, broach, hob and other similar grinding operations on steel and carbide cutters, reamers, dies, gauges, form tools, or special items.

? Plan sequence of operations, select method of holding a workpiece and verify dimensions, tolerance, tooling, and grinding requirements.

? Select and dress wheels. Mount grinding wheels, set grind, rotation, and spindle speeds, feed rates, angle of the wheel, length of cycle or stroke, and depth of cut

? Position blades, cams, diamonds, and stops. Measure the workpiece to determine the amount of material to be removed.

? position on table, face plate or magnetic chuck in fixture or chuck jaws or between centers of wheels. Start machine, engage automatic mechanism, direct flow of coolant and observe operations

? perform secondary operations to obtain high finish requirements. Obtain first piece inspection approval. Make adjustments to ensure proper operations. Check work for conformance to specifications.

? Place workpiece in designated location. Maintain equipment, clean, oil, change worn wheels and ensure that safety devices are operative.

? Provide assistance to other personnel as requested. Notify supervisor of unusual equipment or operating problems.

? Use micrometer, caliper, comparator, height gauge, band saw and various machine tools and measuring “instruments and hand and hand power tools.

? Follow safety rules and keep work area in a clean and orderly condition. Perform other related duties as assigned.

? Other duties and responsibilities as required.


Physical Demands

? Occasionally 1-33%: Sit

? Occasionally 1-33%: Twist/Turn

? Occasionally 1-33%: Stoop/Bend

? Occasionally 1-33%: Push/Pull

? Occasionally 1-33%: Repetitive hand/wrist

? Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Fine Manipulation

? Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Gross Grasping

? Occasionally 1-33%: Hand Movement – Simple Grasping

? Occasionally 1-33%: Forearm Rotation

? Frequently 34% – 66%: Walk

? Continuously 67% – 100%: Stand Lifting/Carrying

? Occasionally 1-33%: Lift / Carry 1-10 lbs.

? Occasionally 1-33%: Lift / Carry 11-25 lbs.

Visual Demands

? Continuously 67% – 100%: Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)

? Continuously 67% – 100%: Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)

Work Environment & Hazards

? Occasionally 1-33%: Cold

? Occasionally 1-33%: Heat

? Occasionally 1-33%: Machine movement or vibration

? Continuously 67% – 100%: Loud noise, constant or periodic




? High School Diploma or GED

? 3+ Years Manual Machining

? Experience with manual milling, including facing, boring, drilling, and tapping

? Experience with manual lathes, including turning, boring, and single point threading

? Experience using measurement tools such as caliper, micrometer, height gage, and optical comparator

? Skilled at blueprint reading, basic trigonometry, and other basic math skills

Why is This a Great Opportunity:


The Tool Grinder B performs the duties of setting up and operating one or more grinders to perform a normal range of tool grinding operations.