Plant Director

Job description:

1.Manufacturing Engineering Management and Production-Sales Coordination, overseeing production scheduling, delivery schedule, and product quality.
2.Control production costs and factory staff work schedules, and enhance work efficiency.
3.Plan and implement quality management systems (e.g., standard operation procedure, quality control on-site working efficiency improvements, etc).
4.Track, analyze, and provide feedback on operational data from various departments, analyze and improve on-site work efficiency.
5.Factory management and equipment management.
6.Human resources management (e.g., recruitment and appointment of production line personnel, personnel coordination, and communication).
7.Inventory and in-process product management and tracking.
8.Liaison and management of outsourcing vendors.
9.Execution of staff education and training.


1.Experience in the production of relevant medical products.
2.Familiarity with the quality process of medical product manufacturing.
3.Knowledge and experience in the medical product industry and management are advantageous.
4.Willing to expat to: Thailand factory.
5.Experience in cleanroom setup is preferred.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

The company is setting up a new factory in Thailand.

Therefore, this is an opportunity to set the whole production line and team from 0.