Photographer and Videographer – Creative Content Specialist

Job description:

Photographer and Videographer to join our dynamic Creative Team.

The ideal candidate should embody a passion for their craft, possess a creative flair, a meticulous eye for detail, and the ability to capture captivating images and videos that harmonize with our company’s brand and vision. Your discerning lens will not merely capture moments, but meticulously craft visual narratives that transport the essence of our mission, our culinary treasures, our immersive events, and the heartfelt camaraderie that defines us.

1. Collaborate with the Creative Team: Work closely with our Creative Team to comprehend the essence and stories of each Kanpai Group brand, ensuring visual content aligns seamlessly with our brand identity and narrative.
2. Conceptualize and Execute Visual Storytelling: Develop creative concepts for photoshoots and video shoots that encapsulate the vibrancy of our culinary offerings and immersive events, resonating with our brand’s mission. Skilfully capture dynamic and compelling photographs and videos that showcase the rich tapestry of experiences, from gastronomic delights to heartwarming interactions.
3. Kitchen and Floor Team Coordination: Collaborate with the kitchen and floor teams to execute visual storytelling storyboards, ensuring seamless coordination and alignment with the culinary and experiential aspects of our offerings.
4. Pre-Production Planning: Conduct thorough pre-production planning, including location scouting, shot lists, and detailed schedules to optimize shoot efficiency and minimize time wastage.
5. Efficient Execution: Execute photoshoots and video shoots efficiently, adhering to timelines and ensuring optimal use of resources.
6. Camera and Equipment Proficiency: Demonstrate expertise in operating a variety of camera gears, lighting setups, and photography and videography equipment to achieve desired visual outcomes. Explore and experiment with new camera gears, techniques, angles, styles, and concepts to push the boundaries of creativity.
7. Editing Expertise: Utilize appropriate editing software to edit and retouch photos and videos, elevating visual quality while maintaining our brand’s aesthetic.
8. Stay Up to Date: Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging techniques, and technological advancements to infuse fresh, innovative ideas into visual content creation.
9. Content Management: Manage and organize a comprehensive library of visual content, facilitating easy access for future projects.

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Demonstrated experience in Photography and Videography, supported by a portfolio showcasing your ability to craft compelling visual narratives.
Proficiency in photography and videography equipment operation, coupled with expertise in photo and video editing software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, etc.).
Exceptional artistic eye, attention to detail, and a knack for visual storytelling.
Strong communication skills, enabling effective collaboration within a dynamic team.
Organizational prowess, ensuring efficient project management and timely delivery.
A fervent passion for innovation, coupled with a drive to explore novel concepts.
A qualification in Photography, Videography, Film Production, or a related field is advantageous.
Highly creative and imaginative mindset, capable of crafting unique and visually captivating content.
Unwavering and intense passion for photography and videography, with a willingness to always be on the move to capture fleeting moments.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

Japanese F&B group

Salary Type : Monthly

Salary Min : 3000

Salary Max : 4000

Currency Type : Singapore Dollar