CNC Machine Setup

Job description:

CNC Machine Setup

The CNC Machine Setup performs duties to set up and operate a limited variety of computer numerical controlled work centers to progressively machine a variety of piece parts. This position works from blueprints, shop orders, tool sheets, computer printouts and instructions to do the following:

Job Duties:

  • Rotate on a regular basis between the departments various lathe and milling work centers which are average to complex in nature to meet the department’s production scheduling requirements.
  • Set up work centers involving tasks including loading of programs, pulling of tooling, assembly of holders, and the setting of chucks, tooling vises and bar feeds.
  • Load bar stock, castings and other raw materials into work centers.
  • Progress work center through to produce first piece part, inspecting for accurate dimensions and making the necessary adjustments to the work center.
  • Monitor ongoing machining operations, dimensionally inspect piece parts and troubleshoot work center difficulties involving tooling and equipment.
  • Lubricate equipment, segregate chips and maintain an accurate tooling inventory.
  • Prepare the required paperwork and logs.
  • Provide instruction to operators in loading and operation of machines as required.
  • Notify designated supervisory personnel of operating difficulties.
  • Use a variety of adjustable precision measuring instruments, fixed gauges, bench grinder and hand truck.
  • Follow safety rules and keep work area in a clean and orderly condition.



  • At least 6 months of training/experience in CNC Machine Setup (specifically CNC Milling/Lathe machines)
  • High school diploma or equivalent experience
  • Ability to perform shop math
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Ability to read and understand G code
  • Must pass a written test

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

The client is a Union and offers, competitive pay and benefits package

Salary Type : Hourly

Salary Min : 24

Salary Max : 25

Currency Type : US Dollars