Job description:

Job Type: Local

License Type: Class A

Trucking Experience Level (months): 6

Avg Yrly From: $95,000.00

Pay Rate Min: $0.50

Pay Rate Max: $0.50

Miles/Week: 1865

Endorsements: None

Orientation Mode of Travel: Not specified

Operating Area: Drivers on this local job will operate in a 250-mile radius of Westfield, MA.

Additional Pay Details:

– $50/day daily rate (Must work all 5 days to receive the daily rate – calling in without notice forfeits the entire week’s daily rate)
– $30/ stop for deliveries into NYC Boroughs. (Long Island and Staten Island are not Boroughs)
– $19/ Non NYC stop non-liftgate
– $23 / Non NYC stop with lift gate
– $30 Boston deliveries
– $100 if a layover occurs
– Detention paid in 15 min increments. (driver must have arrived within his/her delivery window to receive detention)
– Salary range: $85,000 – $90,000

Shift Details:

– 0001 – 0400 start time
– Mon – Fri
– Driver could layover at times. When this occurs driver will get a hotel.
– 12-14 hour shift.

This is a local position where drivers will deliver fresh and frozen groceries on a ’53, ’51, ’48, or ’46 ft reefer trailer to supermarkets and distribution centers in (NY Boroughs +Long Island- 90% of loads), NJ, CT, MA, VT, RI, NH. Note that when delivering in NYC, the trailers will be 46′, pups, or 51s depending on the delivery area. Drivers will have multistop loads, usually 31 stops per week on average. They will pick up return products occasionally from stops and may need to pick up a backhaul back to the DC. Drivers will work 10-14 hour days.

Special Requirements:

– Must have driven and delivered in NYC all boroughs for at least 3 months.
– Frozen product, 1-3 pallets per stop, that are unloaded by driver with a manual pallet jack and liftgate.
– Driver offload with possible piece-by-piece hand offload if needed.
– Drivers will help support other accounts in the local area as needed.
– Drivers will have either a day cab or sleeper. If they are in a day cab, they will receive a hotel or any overnights.

Additional Details:

– Automatic and Manual day cabs that cannot be taken home for time off.
– Drivers must have personal transportation to and from work daily.
– Drivers should understand the importance of customer service and have good customer service skills.
– Uniforms are provided by the account.


License Type: Class A CDL

Trucking Experience Level (months): 6

MVR & background must be within guidelines, with no recent serious charges.

Must pass a Pre-Employment Hair Follicle Drug Screen.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

Fortune 500 company with strong financial health and jobs in all 48 states.

Salary Type : Annual Salary

Salary Min : 85000

Salary Max : 90000

Currency Type : US Dollars