Job description:

*****This person needs to be able to lead the use and processes to leverage the ERP. It is less developer and more BPCS Business Systems Analyst/Manager.*****

ERP Manager (Bilingual)

Location: Monterrey MX.

Reports To: Director of ERP

Job Overview: We are seeking an experienced and bilingual ERP
(Enterprise Resource Planning) Manager to lead and oversee our ERP
system’s successful implementation, management, and optimization. The
ideal candidate will have a strong background in ERP platforms, combined
with the ability to communicate fluently in [specified languages e.g.,
English and Spanish].

Key Responsibilities:

1. ERP System Management:

– Lead the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development,
upgrade, and support of ERP systems.

– Ensure that the ERP system meets business needs and that system
performance is optimized.

2. Project Management:

– Oversee the implementation of new modules and functionalities
within the ERP system.

– Collaborate with stakeholders to understand their requirements
and translate them into system solutions.

3. Training & Support:

– Develop and provide training to staff on the ERP system’s use.

– Offer technical support to both internal teams and end-users.

4. Bilingual Communication:

– Facilitate communication between different departmental teams,
ensuring a smooth flow of information across language barriers.

– Translate technical documents, user manuals, and other relevant
materials between specified languages.

5. Continuous Improvement:

– Monitor ERP system trends and advancements to ensure our
companys ERP remains current.

– Recommend upgrades or new systems and assist in their
procurement and deployment.

6. Data Management & Security:

– Ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of data within the
ERP system.

– Develop and oversee data backup, recovery, and contingency


Required Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Business
Administration, or a related field.

– Proven experience in an ERP managerial role.

– Strong technical understanding of ERP systems.

– Fluent in [specified languages e.g., English and Spanish], both
written and spoken.

– Strong project management skills.

– Familiarity with data backup, recovery techniques, and data

Preferred Qualifications:

– Experience with Infor BPCS & Infor LX ERPs.

– Previous experience in a bilingual or multilingual organizational

Personal Attributes:

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

– Excellent organizational and leadership abilities.

– Effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

BPCS 6.1.01 currently

Upgrading to LX currently 8.4 done 1st qtr.

New facility (less then 2 years old)

Will be one of the flagships for using LX globally.

Will be a key person in implementing LX in two other factories in MX.

Key factory in our near shoring.