Assembly and Startup Technician

Job description:

Job Description:

As an Assembly and Startup Technician, you will be a key player in bringing our cutting-edge technology to life. Your responsibilities will include:

Product Assembly: Efficiently assemble intricate components and sub-assemblies following detailed technical documentation and diagrams.

Quality Control: Perform rigorous quality checks during the assembly process to ensure that products meet the highest standards.

Troubleshooting: Identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise during the startup phase, working closely with the engineering team to find effective solutions.

Testing and Calibration: Conduct tests and calibrations to ensure that products function optimally and meet performance specifications.

Documentation: Maintain detailed records of assembly and startup activities, including any modifications or adjustments made.

Safety Compliance: Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines during assembly and startup activities to create a safe working environment.



High school diploma or equivalent; technical certification or relevant coursework is a plus.

Proven experience (5 years) in assembly and startup procedures, preferably in a tech or manufacturing environment.

Familiarity with complex technical documentation and diagrams.

Need to know how to read a tape measure

Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Need to have experience in wiring
Needs to know how to read and interpret blueprints
Ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment.

Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Familiarity with assembly tools, equipment, and testing instruments.

Why is This a Great Opportunity:

Assembly and Startup Technician

Competitive compensation package.

Opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

A dynamic and collaborative work environment.