Need a New Resume?

Besides all the search assignments I work on as Oculus Search Partners, I’m also an award-winning resume writer, with a sister company called Catalyst Resumes.

If your resume and/or LinkedIn profile needs an overhaul, I can help you, particularly if you’re in a technically related field, which is my specialty.

It’s crucial to have an accomplishment-oriented resume that projects a pattern of excellence for your career to the human reader, and is compliant with applicant-tracking systems. I have lots of experience creating documents that help people get interviews.

I’m certified as one of under 100 NCRWs in the world (Nationally Certified Resume Writer, from the National Resume Writers’ Association). And I’m also a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert.

In 2021, I won the National Resume Writers’ Association ROAR Award for best resume in the Executive category.

Please visit to learn how I can help you. If you’re considering hiring a resume writer, I’ll be happy to do a free phone consultation to chat with you about your needs to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

FAQs about my resume-writing work and the process: