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Mechanical Engineer Jobs

    Mechanical engineer jobs

    Are you looking for mechanical engineer jobs? If so, congratulations, because you’re in an exciting career field with a solid jobs outlook.

    Mechanical engineering is a broad field, which makes it especially exciting for someone getting into the field. I often hear mechanical engineers talk about how at a young age they were already taking things apart to see how they worked! Mechanical engineers tend to be curious, excellent problem solvers, and overall want to make the world a better place through what they design and build.

    Mechanical engineering job outlook

    What is the job outlook? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that as of 2019, more than 316,000 people work as mechanical engineers in the USA. Mechanical engineer jobs are projected to grow by about 4% over the coming decade, which is about average for all occupations.

    What does the compensation look like?

    Compensation for mechanical engineers can vary by specialization and location, with the median salary being $90,160 as of May 2020, again according to the BLS. Here’s a breakdown for several major areas:

    • Scientific, research, and development services $104,260
    • Computer and electronic product manufacturing $97,180
    • Transportation equipment manufacturing $92,650
    • Architectural, engineering, and related services $91,590
    • Machinery manufacturing $82,190

    What fields hire mechanical engineers?

    Again, a big appeal of a mechanical engineering career is the sheer breadth of sectors where you can apply your expertise. Mechanical engineering jobs exist in medical devices, automotive, power generation and transmission, batteries, refrigeration, heating and cooling, building systems, material handling, manufacturing systems, and so much more.

    I’m particularly excited about high-growth applications such as robotics, clean energy, hybrid and electric vehicles, nanotechnology, and biomechanics.

    Software skills are important too

    Today, a mechanical engineer has to be experienced with the latest software tools. Some software that’s regularly mentioned in job descriptions include SolidWorks, CATIA, ProE/Creo, ANSYS, Abaqus FEA, Nastran, AutoCad, MATLAB, and—of course—MS Excel. And besides knowing these packages, it’s increasingly important to have some skill in programming. Python is a great language to learn, but C++ or Java can also be helpful.

    Search mechanical engineering jobs

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