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CNC Swiss Setup/Operator

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Applicant must have at least three years experience in the CNC Swiss screw machine setup.
A formal education or training is preferred but not necessary.
Applicant must have machining knowledge of different types of materials including stainless steels, alloy steels, aluminum alloys, brass, copper, super alloys, titanium alloys and plastics.
Programming experience is preferred.
Applicant must be dependable and willing to take responsibility for the quality of their work Job duties include but are not limited to the set up and operation of two or three Star CNC Swiss type machine tools and bar loaders.
Applicant will be responsible for keeping machines running and performing quality inspections using precision measuring equipment such as calipers, micrometers, etc.
Operators are expected to keep machines, bar loaders and work area clean and maintained at all times.
Anyone with machine repair experience will be given higher consideration.
Job could also develop into a shift supervisory position.

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