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CNC Milling Programmer

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Position Overview: We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic CNC Mill Programmer to join our team. As a highly skilled professional, you will play a pivotal role in creating high-quality programs using Mastercam X9 software. You will be responsible for the accurate programming, setup and operation of CNC milling machines with Fanuc Controls, as well as the design and construction of fixtures to meet specific job requirements. We value teamwork and collaboration, and your ability to work seamlessly within a team will be essential. Additionally, your willingness to go the extra mile and work overtime when necessary will greatly contribute to our success.

Key Responsibilities:

CNC Mill Programming:

  • Utilize your expertise in Mastercam X9 software to create top-notch programs.
  • Import solid models or create geometries from scratch to ensure precise machining processes.

Machine Set-Up:

  • Leverage your comprehensive understanding of CNC milling machine mechanics with Fanuc Controls to set up machines and produce accurate first articles.

Fixture Design:

  • Utilize your innovative mindset and technical knowledge to design and build fixtures tailored to job-specific requirements.


  • Collaborate seamlessly within a team-oriented environment, showcasing your strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with others.

Overtime Availability:

  • Demonstrate your dedication to meeting project deadlines by being readily available for overtime work when needed.

Daily Operations:

  • Manage programming tasks for upcoming jobs, ensuring tools are readily available or ordering them as required.
  • Optimize running jobs to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Oversee the setup and operation personnel, providing guidance and support as needed.

Required Skills:

CNC Mill Programming:

  • Showcase your extensive experience in programming CNC mills, particularly utilizing the Mastercam X9 software, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Machine Setup and Operation:

  • Exhibit proficiency in the mechanics and operation of CNC milling machines with Fanuc Controls, ensuring accurate and precise machine setup.

Fixture Design:

  • Demonstrate your ability to design and construct fixtures that perfectly align with job requirements, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of our operations.

Organizational Skills:

  • Possess excellent organizational skills that enable you to manage programming tasks, tool availability, and order management effectively.


  • Utilize your effective troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve any issues related to programming, setup, and operation, ensuring seamless execution of machining processes.

Attention to Detail:

  • Bring your strong attention to detail to every aspect of the job, ensuring accurate program creation, machine setup, and job optimization.


  • Exhibit clear and concise communication skills, enabling you to collaborate seamlessly within the team and provide instructions or guidance when necessary.

If you meet the requirements and possess the necessary skills, we invite you to apply with your resume and a summary of your relevant experience. Join our dynamic team and contribute to our ongoing success as a CNC Mill Programmer!